Elegant and evocative, our written content comes from award-winning travel writers and seasoned specialists.

We’re focused on handcrafting fresh content for specific audiences, helping to promote everything from luxury Namibian tours to international rail tickets, and blossoming offbeat destinations to viral sites. This is not where you’ll find corporate cliched monotone, nor the self-indulgence of personal blogs. It’s fresh writing that reflects the infinite possibility of travel.

We’re not bashful about it all. Please scroll through and check out anything from the portfolio…

Marketing Tours and Travel Products

Elegant nuanced writing that sells tours, destinations, and travel products. From luxury sake tasting in Japan to jumping off bridges in Zimbabwe and everything in between…


Handcrafting elegant tour itineraries and destination content for one of the world’s leading luxury travel agents.

Boutique country summaries and evocative travel itineraries: Australia, Botswana, India (country content only), Japan, Kenya, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey.


Creating and editing travel itineraries for one of travel’s most exciting start-ups.

A fresh and inspiring way to sell authentic travel. Check out examples from South Africa, Tanzania, and Mongolia.


Writing brochures and copy for an organisation tasked with marketing Southern Africa as the world’s premier youth and adventure travel destination.

A novel and youthful approach to tourism board promotion – here’s their annual brochure.

Travel Websites

Creating and managing content for a variety of specialist travel sites, including large social media-focused sites and SEO specialists.

Random Vacay

Journey the most exotic destinations on earth on this viral site with +70,000 facebook likes.

The Fat Dogs create, upload, and manage all content on the site. So yes, those funky articles come from us…

Playa Del Carmen

The complete guide to Mexico’s Playa del Carmen, written by “Johnny,” one of The Fat Dog’s random creations.

An offbeat conversational style that promotes everything Playa del Carmen.


International coach hire website primarily using SEO to generate business.

Editing content and creating a tone that engages but also maximises SEO. Like in India, China, or a range of other countries.

Travel Blogs

Contributing articles and managing blogs for large travel businesses.


A blog for the travel agent arm of the UK’s leading travel insurance company for the over 50s.

The Fat Dogs are commissioned to produce regular articles on popular over 50s destinations from around the world.


Blog articles for the UK’s leading provider of rail tickets.

Reel Cameras

Managing the blog for an upcoming action sport and travel camera.

All the news about sponsored athletes, destinations, events, and how to get the most from the camera.

Travel Guides

Creating detailed bespoke travel guides covering all corners of the globe.


The insider’s guide to travel, featuring hundreds of bespoke travel guides.

The Fat Dogs sourced a network of popular travel bloggers, then edited and crafted their content into idiosyncratic guides. We also worked with partners to create unusual guides like the Anthony Bourdain Layover guides and the Breaking Bad Tour of Alburquerque.

Special Events

Published in print and online media, The Fat Dogs create guides for unique travel events.


Coming soon, a series of e-travel guides spanning 20 cities and countries.

Written and edited by a network of Fat Dogs, each of them specialists in their distinct corner of the world.

Offbeat and Adventure Travel

We also like the really unusual stories, stuff that has little commercial value but makes for a very compelling tale. Like meeting Afghani tribal chiefs, entering Iran illegally, and learning to surf with Zulu witch doctors. These articles showcase what happens when The Fat Dogs get an open script.


Popular alternative culture site featuring some unusual travel tales.

Drinking tea and learning about the narcotics business from an Afghani tribal chief.

Offbeat Travel

E-travel magazine featuring the world’s unknown destinations as well as popular favourites from a fresh angle.

Take a journey through Iranian food or discover what happens in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho.

Random Vacay

Some contentious debate-inducing travel articles from a site that we manage.

Travel Blog Fest

Surprising stories from around the world.

Including surprises in limbo, a true story of entering Iran illegally.

Print Media

The Fat Dogs is run by Stephen Bailey, an award-winning travel writer with six years experience creating published newspaper travel articles. Stephen’s won Malta Travel Writer of the year twice, has a regular newspaper travel column, edits travel sections for two newspaper groups, and continues to write tales that inspire readers to visit the lesser-known parts of the world.

Here are some examples. If the country you’re interested in isn’t here then get in touch, it will probably be in the archives somewhere. (*dependent on your location, some of these articles are part of the newspaper’s premium service.)