The Fat Dogs create specialist written and video content for the travel industry, working together with travel companies, travel websites, media agencies, tourism boards and more.


IMMERSIVE content from some of the world’s leading travel writers and videographers.

Evocative, quirky, practical, elegant, funny; we dip into multiple styles, handcrafting fresh content that engages and compels customers. Drawing on years of experience we very softly sell a destination, product, or concept. No cliched hyperbole – just great content that has the audience exploring more.


INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE content that’s tailored specifically for your audience.

The best content immerses the audience while subtly delivering the underpinning message of the client. Viral hits, travel guides, tour itineraries, print media…every project is unique and we ensure it’s approached from a resonant and responsive angle.

Great travel content requires a specialist perspective. And we work exclusively within the travel industry. Content is elevated as we handpick insiders, using their idiosyncratic knowledge to provide an exceptional intimacy.


INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT of travel content through all stages of the creation process.

From formulating the first ideas to uploading the finished product, The Fat Dogs work through every stage of the creation process. That mean editing, but also creating editorial guidelines and ensuring a consistent tone of voice across all content. It includes mapping out ideas and fine-tuning them to the ideal finished product. We handle the content so you can focus on the other side to your business.


EXCITE and INSPIRE your audience with evocative content reflecting the infinite possibility of travel.

This is not wikipedia. It’s not the LP or any other corporation squeezing the planet’s diversity into a band of monotony. It’s something fresh and redolent, helping to generate travel reverie and allowing travel’s unbounded potential to shine.

Of course, inventive content also has to be practical. SEO comes as standard in all online work and we’ve a track record of viral successes to draw from. Great travel content attracts visitors, keeps them on your site, and turns them into customers.


Who are The Fat Dogs?
The Fat Dogs is run by Stephen Bailey, an award-winning travel writer who swapped Yorkshire and editorial desks for the world in 2011. What started as editing travel sections for newspaper groups, and writing print newspaper articles (covering over 70 countries and counting), quickly blurred into writing content for tourism boards and large travel companies. In 2013, the video production arm developed as a compliment to the handwritten paradigm.

One fat dog wasn’t enough. A network of leading travel writers and videographers blossomed, stretching out to all the hidden corners of the globe. From learning to surf with African witch doctors to sharing tea with Afghani tribal chiefs, we’ve covered some of the world’s strangest travel stories; Stephen even entered Iran illegally and survived to write the story.

But while the alluring reverie of adventure travel keeps us all entertained, we firmly understand that a certain commercialism is required to thrive within the travel industry.

We’re delighted to count the following travel companies as existing or previous clients.

Zicasso – Worldwide luxury handcrafted travel.

South Africa Youth Travel Confederation.

Random Vacay – Viral U.S. site with 70,000+ facebook likes.

The Trainline and the Trainline Europe – leading online provider of rail travel in the UK and Europe.

Staysure – Holidays and travel insurance for the over 50s.

Travlaw – Britain’s leading travel law firm.

Buggl – Handcrafted insiders’ travel guides.

WYSH – Authentic travel made easy.

Rentautobus – Leading provider of international bus and coach hire.

Aventura – Premier Tanzanian safari specialists.

AFK Travel – The authority on African travel.

And many more, like… Bizarre Culture, Madventurer, Offbeat Travel, Planet Rail, Playa del Carmen, Reel Cameras, SAVE, Travelling Islanders, Yorkshire Rose Coaches, Your African Safari